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It took me ten years to start to have Physical Therapy with VIRT because I had a bad experience with PT in the past. My neck pain was going down to my shoulder and back and I could not ride my bicycle anymore, it started hurting all the time. Now my neck feels much more comfortable and my shoulder and back pain is gone. I tried going to the doctor, pain meds, injections, acupuncture and none of them worked. You gave me exercises, corrected my posture and I gave me knowledge about what I could do to alleviate my pain, and really helped me. Thank you!

Robin, 62, Memphis – TN

I waited two and a half years before I looked for VIRT. I had never seen a PT before because it would take time away from my daily functions, and I thought my pain would heal up on its own. I injured my rotator cuff, lost strength, and had severe pain lifting my arm. I could not change a light bulb, and it was painful to hold a fishing rod. Seeing a virtual physical therapist was very convenient. I didn’t have to wait to see a PT or travel. I could do it from my home or work and even when I was on vacation. I was very skeptical at first, but the PT was very instructional and took the time to walk me through the exercises and correct me. I have not experienced more pain. It was fantastic!

Kevin, 58, Lexington – TN

Even with a `not in person` visit, Mariana is able to make a great clinic check and focus on your body`s weaknesses and objectives. Her method is very accurate and you see results quickly! After multiples doctors and a surgery suggested by a neurologist, Mariana was able to find the root cause of my problem on our first visit! No surgery needed!

Carla, 36, Nashville – TN

I have been dealing with herniated discs on my lower back since 2011 and I can say that Mariana is one of the most knowledgeable physical therapist that I worked with. I have been doing online visits with her and her great understanding of anatomy/physiology is impressive. She can quickly evaluate your needs/restrictions, adapt the movements and find the ones that can reduce your pain. Highly recommend!

Luana, 37, Nashville – TN